One of my favorite AllTrails Pro features is our real-time overlays. What’s a real-time overlay? Great question! It’s a way to see more useful info on any given map. We’ve historically had 4 real-time overlays available for Pro users:


Visualizes all of the user recordings tied to any trail. Easily find the most popular routes or less-traveled paths that other members of the community have taken.

Fire History

Displays recent fire activity, including year and incident name. Color coded by recency with red indicating the most recent and yellow being the oldest.


Displays real-time satellite and radar weather data over any map layer. Know what to expect before you hit the trail and make sure you’re prepared. 

Air Quality

Displays a real-time air quality index over any map layer. Color coded with green indicating the cleanest air and red indicating the most polluted. Super useful for people with asthma or those trying to escape urban congestion. 

Today we’re announcing two all new real-time overlays – Pollen and Light Pollution.

Light Pollution

Displays a color coded overlay of excessive nighttime artificial light sources worldwide over any map layer. Areas displayed in red show the most light polluted areas while green shows the least polluted. This layer give you insight into whether or not you’ll be able to see stars at night.


Displays a daily forecast of tree pollen levels over any map layer in the U.S. and Europe. 10 different pollen species are included. The overlay is color coded with green indicating the lowest concentration of pollen and red indicating the highest concentration. Great for people with seasonal allergies.

We’re kicking around a few ideas for more real-time overlays, so stay tuned! And if you have any suggestions or feedback, email us anytime –