It’s official – translations are hard. This was probably the heaviest lift we’ve done to-date at AllTrails. For the last six months we’ve been all hands on deck building out the infrastructure to translate our entire platform to French, German and Spanish. 

Why so complicated? Well, we had to:

  • Use human translation for all of the strings in our mobile and web apps (think buttons, menus, navigation elements, etc.)
  • Use machine translation for all of our user generated content – we had to translate millions of reviews, descriptions, waypoints, and more
  • Translate our map layers so that the content in the map itself is actually showing up in the right language
  • Create parallel search indexes in every language which meant translating every location, park and trail in our system
  • Figure out the logic so that it all just magically works for our users

So yeah, it was a pretty crazy six months. But you know what? It’s all worth it. We are so excited to welcome our French, German and Spanish speaking friends to the platform. And this is just the start. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us but know that we’re committed to adding more and more languages to the platform over the coming months.